amf sticker 1976 SPORTSTER BLUE

amf sticker 1976 SPORTSTER BLUE



This is a complete set of gas tank reproduction decals for 1976 AMF|Harley-Davidson Ironhead Sportsters. You'll receive the stripes and logo's for a complete tank (both sides).

I made my best to make them look like they just left the factory back in 1976.
How? They're meticulously redrawn from NOS decals to ensure it is the exact shape, scale and color.
3M-like vinyl has been used just like it was done by AMF back in the days.
To top it off these decals are protected against scratches and UV's by a laminate.

If your attention to detail in a restoration project is as important as mine then you'll pleased with these reproductions.
However if you like the style of these and want to redecorate any 2.3 gallons / 8 liters Sportster peanut tank for a custom project it will be perfect as well.

Application is pretty straightforward.
Cut each single decal using scissors if your design comes as a combined sheet. For instance: bottom-left, top-left, bottom-right and top-right.
Mock them up using masking tape. Step back and see if they're placed where they belong. Measure the correct placement from the edges of you tank.
Degrease the tank.
Remove the backing paper off the first decal and lay it down.
Repeat with the other parts.
Chase the bubbles if any using a credit card. Work from center to the edges. Do it while the application clear vinyl is still on!
Peal off the the application vinyl.
You're done! For the best longevity I recommend to clearcoat the whole tank over the decals.
100% redrawn and produced in Belgium

Parts for Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles.
Those decals are obsolete and can’t be bought new anymore from the Motor Company.

Feel free to follow me on Instragram @rustisgoldco to have look at some of my customers bikes and restorations.
I restore and repair mostly pre-1980 Harley-Davidson which I'm a huge fan of. I also collect anything related to this brand: apparel, NOS parts, literature and as much bikes as I can ride and afford.

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